About Me

I grew up in the 80’s typing endless ZX Spectrum’s Basic listings from magazines of that time, and that’s when I fell in love with video games creation.

Then, in the 90s, I started creating my own games in the incredible Commodore Amiga with which I created my first “big” game in 1992: the adaptation of a famous Spanish dice game called “Kiriki”:

Already in this millennium, I’ve focused on a style that I love: Interactive Fiction, and after writing some minor works, in 2008 I published: El espíritu de la sidra, an interactive fiction adventure that won the prize for the best game in the “Premios Hispanos 2008”, competing with games written in Spanish from all around the world. The “Premios Hispanos” were the most important prizes of that kind of games in the spanish language.

Another of my great passions has always been arcade cabinet games, so in 2015, after 2 years of development as an indie solo developer I published the first version of “Eternum”:

After the good reception of that first version, in 2016 I started (together with the studio Flynns Arcades), an extended and much improved version of the game called: Eternum Ex and published on 2018 and becoming my first comercial game:

From 2019 till now I’ve been creating Galacticon, my new retro, arcade, and addictive 😉 video game. It will be published next 5/20/2022 on Steam and 5/22/2022 on Nintendo Switch: